SWAMPSCOTT – FL Postcard Pickup

Swampscott, MA Swampscott

FL Democrats who vote by mail vote in much higher numbers than those who rely ongoing to the polls - write to FL Democrats who are not signed up and send them the form to get their mail in ballot. LET'S FLIP FL!!!! Pick up a packet of 30 postcards (you'll need 60 $.35 stamps)...

Swampscott – Postcard Pickup

Swampscott, MA Swampscott

Keep the momentum going - and help make sure we have a win in FL in November - get FL Democrats to sign up to vote by mail and they will vote in much higher numbers! 30 postcards per packet - 60 postcard stamps - mail date: July 15. Pick up in Swampscott on Thursday,...

SWAMPSCOTT – Postcard Pickup

Swampscott, MA Swampscott

Pick up a packet of 30 postcards - it could be FL Vote by Mail and it could be Reclaim our Vote - I will let you know as soon as I know!! Home of Alix S., Swampscott, Thurs, June 25, 2-7pm - the address is in the email that you get when you sign...

SWAMPSCOTT – Reclaim our Vote postcard pickup

Swampscott, MA Swampscott

Voter purging and other forms of voter suppression are taking away the civil rights of people of color who are being put on “inactive” or “unregistered” lists at a 16% higher rate than other voters. Reclaim Our Vote* to contact people of color in Texas and urge them to check their registration status, re-register and...

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