Together for 2020 Launches!

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If you are one of the 770 who joined the Together for 2020 kickoff call with Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday, April 14th, perhaps you will look back on this moment and think: “I was there when the Blue tide turned in Massachusetts!

Senator Warren framed the challenge and the opportunity to defeat Trump and take back our democracy.  Now it’s up to us to make it happen.

Together for 2020 is a new collaboration of leaders from Indivisible MA, Swing Left Greater Boston, Force Multiplier, Progressive Mass, the Western MA Take Back our Democracy Coalition, Marching Forward MA and many other local organizations and Democratic Town Committees who know that winning in 2020 will require a record number of volunteers, effective strategy, and close coordination between activist groups in Massachusetts.

Together for 2020’s activist leaders from across the Commonwealth are ready to help you take effective action. With your help, we’ll make it easier for people who share our views to vote, support great candidates and help usher in a resounding victory for democracy in November.

Please listen to and share this recording  Together for 2020 launch call. Use the access password: “Together_2020″


Representatives of 7 progressive activists groups, all collaborators in Together for 2020, joined Senator Warren in articulating the value of united activism.  Speakers on the call included Force Multiplier, Indivisible Mass Coalition, Progressive Mass, Western MA Take Back our Democracy, Swing Left, and Ask Your College.

Following are links that were highlighted during the call by our speakers:

Together for 2020

Action Kits in Together for 2020

These action kits in Together for 2020 that were mentioned by speakers on our call.  

Together for 2020 Collaborators

Here’s how to reach the organizations that were represented on today’s call.  



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