Voting Without Viruses Presentation

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Florida VBM application


A record 122 volunteers attended Voting without Viruses: The Dems’ Secret Weapon to Win in 2020. Huge thanks to our awesome presenters, Mike Coleman, Peter Grey, Richard Segan, Dr. Robert J. Master and Jean Milburn, who made the case that Vote by Mail postcards are important, effective and feasible – even during the pandemic!

Our conclusion: With the virtual event model, we can keep up the pace while maintaining social distancing. Please see the following resources for more information:

  • Florida Vote by Mail Postcard Slide Deck. Presentation delivered 3/22. Click here.
  • Recording of Florida Vote by Mail Postcard presentation from 3/22. Click here.
  • Get started with a virtual Florida Vote by Mail Postcards to Go event: Click here.

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