Text-a-Thon a Smash (literally)!

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Together for 2020’s first ever Text-a-Thon was one of the largest single-day activist texting events ever, reaching 815,000 voters in North Carolina in less than 3 hours!

The DJs were rocking. The speakers inspiring. Ellis Hall’s live performance, heartfelt and moving.  This video captures the evening’s energy and fun!

Over 300 activist volunteers from at least a dozen states joined together for this event, many in their first experience in activist texting.  Texters represented over 25 groups and joined at least 48 cleverly-named teams including Biden Our Time, Blue Persuaders, Democracy ProTexters, Don QuiVotés, Just Me, MAvengers, NYC Bidenauts, The Blue Angels, TTT’s (Tip-Top Texters) and Titans of Texting.

We had so many volunteers sending so many texts so fast and furiously that we actually crashed the texting engine, Spoke, something never done before. If that hadn’t happened, we would have exceeded one million texts in three hours. We could not have done this without everyone’s support!

Let’s keep up the momentum and keep on textin’.

Together for 2020 has resources to help you get started in texting or expand on your experience so you can be ready for the next big wave of texting.

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