Take Action: Relational Org.

Also known as "Friend-banking", this action is all about activating your network of friends and family. This simple tactic of "Canvassing Your Friends and Family" is powerful and most effective. Moreover, it is for everyone. On this page you can find Step-by-Step recipes of how to use the Biden/Harris 2020 Victory Relational Organizing App "Vote Joe", and how to take action with Relational Organizing and mobilizing your network to vote/volunteer and do the same. There are also more training sessions you can join. But the most important and only essential part to do Relational Organizing is YOU!

To add to the fun we have a BINGO CARD for you and your action friends.

We held a training session on October 19th. Click Here for the Training Slides . Click Here for the Recording .



Rina Schneur