Take Action: Fundraising

In nearly every political race, the candidate who raises the most money wins.  If you want to help your favorite candidates win, the single most effective thing that you can do is DONATE and to persuade Others to Donate.  In order to take their message to the voting public, candidates must spend money.  They must incur travel expenses, rent offices for volunteer workers, rent equipment, buy access to computing information systems and telephone systems, pay for online advertising, paper advertising, radio advertising, social media advertising, etc.  The bottom line is:  well-funded candidates WIN, poorly funded candidate LOSE.

As much as we might wish that the American people had created a public system for funding policical candidates, they have not done it.  So, for this time and place, the 2020 Election, we MUST support the best candidates for office with our money.  The good news is that online services like ACT BLUE, have made it very easy to donate.

Consider writing a persuasive fund-raising letter to your family and friends and email it to them with a link to ACT BLUE donation sites.  Explain why YOU are passionate about your favorite candidates – why they are the right people to reform the Congress and our Executive branch.  And PUSH the SEND BUTTON.

Time is growing short.  If Democrats & Independents are poorly funded, the Republicans will WIN.  It is that simple.



Dale Smith
Julie Gordon