Take Action: Wisconsin

Wisconsin was the tipping point for Trump’s victory in 2016. It will almost certainly play a similar role 2020.

It's a see-sawing battleground. In 2016, Trump won by only 22,748 votes, the first Republican to win the state’s 10 electoral votes since 1984. The Blue Wave of 2018 helped Democratic Governor candidate Tony Evers defeat Scott Walker by 29,227 votes and put the Democrats into control of statewide offices (where the Republican gerrymander carries no weight). The good news continued in April of this year with a strong progressive winning a key Supreme Court seat, but that victory was balanced by a wide defeat just five weeks later in a special election for a U.S. House seat.

Wisconsin is the key in a close presidential race. Equally important, whoever wins the state legislature will get to carve out state and U.S. House legislative district boundaries for the next ten years. The existing Republican gerrymander has been tragic for justice reform, civil rights, voter rights, environmental protection and a living wage.

Join us to make a difference where it counts the most.



Steve Vogel
Ben Lawent