Take Action: Pennsylvania

Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 by 0.72%, the smallest margin in a presidential election for the state in 176 years. With 20 electoral votes, PA is a key state for ensuring Trump is a one term president.

Pennsylvania has 18 members in the US House of Representatives evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. The Cook Political Report has two Pennsylvania House of Representative seats listed as toss up this November: District 08 leaning Democrat and District 10 leaning Republican. As a split state, PA has often served as a harbinger for the entire country. Hence Getting out the vote is critical in PA to turn the tide blue.

The Republicans currently have a majority in the State Senate and House. There is a chance to flip the State House blue and the November presidential race will definitely have an effect for down ballot candidates. The blue wave in PA is growing with the unpopularity of Donald Trump and his policies. With donations, hard work and focus, we can get out the vote in PA to capture 20 electoral college votes, keep the US House Blue and flip the PA House.



Amy Bouchard