Take Action: North Carolina

Flipping Senate Seat held by Tom Tillis, Flipping NC-02 House seat held by George Holding, Presidential swing state

North Carolina has three key issues for the November general election: a chance to win the presidential race, a chance to help flip the Senate and a chance to fix gerrymandering with strong support for down ballot candidates. In 2016 Donald Trump won NC by 4%. Biden is a strong contender in NC which would garner 15 electoral college votes. North Carolina Democrat, Cal Cunningham, will try to unseat Thom Tillis this fall in what is expected to be an extremely competitive race for the NC Senate. Cal is an Army veteran and a former state senator. He did extremely well in the primary. The Cook Political Report has the NC Senate seat as a Toss up leaning Republican. North Carolina has a new district map for the 2020 elections. The old maps were judged unconstitutional. The new maps cut the Republican US House of Representative advantage from 10-3 down to 8-5. Although Democrats say that the maps still need to be redrawn, bringing out the blue vote in North Carolina this year will help show the strength of Democrats as they fight for a new congressional map in 2022.



Jeff Blum