Take Action: Georgia

Two Senate Runoffs - We Need Them Both to Take the Senate!

The two runoff elections for U.S. Senate seats in Georgia are our only chance to get a Democratic majority. Jon Ossoff managed to force a runoff with the incumbent Perdue, who garnered just shy of the required 50% voting share. In the special election for the other Senate seat, Kelly Loffler and the Rev. Raphael Warnock were the top two candidates and will face each other in January. All eyes are on Georgia. We will constantly update the information and make sure the volunteer opportunities are ones needed by the organizers in GA. Be aware that some opportunities may be over-subscribed, but may get reopened if more help is needed.

PHONEBANKS - look at the list of events, especially the ones marked with a blue ribbon.
DONATION - look at the Action Kits below for opportunities to donate to various key organizations in the fight for GA.
TEXTING - Resistance Labs with Black Voters Matter GA, FairFight and other organizations have texting. NEW: Left-of-Center and Together-For-2020 are collaborating with https://cleanprosperousamerica.org and Resistance Labs to text young non urban voters in GA (need to be already trained with resistance Labs).
POSTCARDING - we will post efforts that need us with organizations that we know and vet their lists and scripts. See Action Kits below.

RELATIONAL ORGANIZING - always reach out to your friends and family in GA and ask them to reach out to their contacts - to make sure they vote for Ossoff and Warnock. FIND TIPS HERE



Rina Schneur