Reach Out and Touch Someone You Know – to Get Out the Vote!

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Even at this late date, people are reaching out to find ways to make this a Democratic sweep in the election. And Together for 2020 is connecting them with THE most effective actions.

Since the most effective persuasive tactic is “word of mouth” – to leverage the personal trust with those they know – many activists are moving to Relational Organizing. Together for 2020 recently held a Relational Organizing training session, and those who attended started using the tactic  before the training hour had ended.

Relational Organizing is nothing new; instead, it’s a term to describe a structured methodof reaching out to and influencing your own network, and asking them to do the same with their own networks. In fact, the tactic was instrumental in electing President Obama and in building the presidential candidacy or Mayor Pete Buttigieg. And it will be key to this year’s election, not only at the presidential level but for Senate candidates and those running for local office, since this election is predicted to involve the lowest level of ticket-splitting in 150 years.

The idea is to start by thinking in broad terms about everyone you know: not just family and friends, but acquaintances, work colleagues, alumni associations, and so on. Next:

  • Identify your contacts – especially those who live in states where contents are close, or who might have friends or relatives in those states.
  • Write a basic script.
  • Decide which communication channel – face-to-face, e-mail, phone, text, social media – will work best for you.
  • Establish a simple tracking system.

The key points to make in each interaction are simple:

  • Ask your contacts to have a plan to vote
  • Urge them to tell their network to do the same
  • Suggest that they can extend their influence by becoming active in phone banking, texting, or canvassing voters (where possible). 

The Biden/Harris campaign has developed an easy-to-use app, Vote Joe, that you can download free on your Android or iPhone from the app store. The Vote Joe app:

  • Automatically uploads your smartphone contacts into the app
  • Syncs your contacts with public voter lists to show you voting frequency,
  • party affiliation, etc.
  • Gives you complete control over your messaging
  • Enables you to text directly from the app if you choose
  • Lets you fill out a report and transmit to the campaign

Together for 2020 has created an action kit to help you get started at It includes: 

  • State trackers to help you organize your list
  • A family and friends contact sheet
  • A draft script
  • A link to the Vote Joe App user guide
  • A bingo card as a fun reminder of things to do
  • Links to Together for 2020 Action Kits for vote outreach

As Mayor Pete said, “Our strategy of relational organizing defied expectations.” 

Click Here for the Training Slides.

We also recorded the training.   Click here to view the training session recording.

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