May 9 Swing Left Greater Boston Newsletter

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What Will You Do This Week?

Get a head start with Team Joe!

Michigan   Florida

Pennsylvania   emerge a leader
Time for Biden
Let's get started
It’s Time to Support Joe Biden
It’s time. We’re not waiting for the Democratic convention to name Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee. We’re going to start doing whatever it takes to get Joe into the White House.

Now’s our chance
It’s time to defeat the most dangerous president in modern history. Polls find that 89% of Democrats would vote for presumptive candidate Joe Biden over Trump. We must unify and galvanize these Dems to actually vote.

It’s time to raise money, engage voters, and pressure elected leaders to expand access to voting. We’ll continue to adjust and create effective ways to accomplish this in our new world of social distancing.

The rest of the articles in this newsletter give you opportunities to start changing the roster of our country's leaders. Because it’s time.
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Help make the victory in 2018 become a victory in 2020
Carrying Forward the Momentum of 2018
In 2018, Joe Biden made a video with Swing Left to promote The Last Weekend before the election. The White House is in even a worse state now than it was back then.

Watch the video again, see Biden and Swing Left in action, and let it spur you to make your first donation to the Biden For President fund. Remember, your donation, no matter how small, contributes to election success.

Here's why: The greatest predictor of election success is the level of enthusiasm among supporters. You can feed this success with every donation you make, every time you volunteer. Remember: Any Dems who don’t support Joe Biden are essentially voting for Trump.

Join the first Virtual Community Meeting with Team Joe!
You’ll learn ways to get involved, meet the field team, and gain insight into how the campaign is adapting to COVID-19.

Hannah Simon, Arlington MA volunteer
Lifelong activist begins the fight for Biden and Democracy
Arlington for Biden
Hannah Simon started early, "I stuffed and addressed envelopes for the first Adlai Stevenson campaign when I was 16 years old. That's how we did it in those days." Most recently, she led Arlington for Hillary. Now transformed into Moving Forward Arlington, the group has already endorsed Biden and pledges to work for him.    

“At our most recent meeting, I was amazed at the enthusiasm and desire to get working for Biden (and for the Senate). People who’d been in a funk -- since the virus took our attention away from the election -- seemed to revive after this meeting,” says Hannah.

“We’re looking forward to hearing how the Biden campaign will include us and harness this enthusiasm. It’s important to make sure we’re all focusing on the same strategies and actions, so we're also exploring ways to collaborate with the Arlington Democratic Town Committee and groups like Swing Left.

“If you’re outraged by how the current administration is mishandling the pandemic -- and the country -- and want to make sure that it loses in 2020, join the May 9 Virtual Community Meeting with Team Joe! "

PA Primary June 2
Encourage people to request and then submit their vote-by-mail ballots by May 26
Boost PA's Vote-by-Mail Participation
Double the impact of every call you make to Pennsylvania. Just remind people to request a vote-by-mail ballot by the May 26 deadline and remind them to vote on June 2, all with the same call.

Join a virtual phone bank hosted by Swing Left Greater Boston volunteer Roy G. It's one of the easier phone banking opportunities. We're only calling Democrats; we're only asking if they plan to vote and if they're registered to vote by mail. If not, we guide them on how to do that.

Sign up for this Friday and/or Tuesday @ 4:30 pm - 6 pm.

Thanks to you, we’re closing in on our goal of sending 25,000 vote-by-mail postcards to Pennsylvania. We need to complete the postcards in time for voters to request their vote-by-mail ballots by May 26 and submit them in time for the June 2 primary.

Pick up your postcards at one of these events
and mail your cards in time for voters to request and then submit their vote-by-mail ballots by May 26.

After these two efforts, we'll pivot to phone banking, continuing to support voter registration/vote by mail, and fundraising for legislative candidates to fight the gerrymandering of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts. If you can help organize either of these efforts, please contact Bob Scheier or Ann Eldridge .

Follow Swing Left Boston Flip PA on Facebook and Instagram.

Maine Phone Banking
Clean up the voter rolls so we can clean up Maine
Collaborating to Oust Susan Collins
Swing Left Greater Boston, Together for 2020, and our partner groups are averaging 4,000-5,000 calls per week for the Maine Dems. We're making great progress in identifying voter support and getting the voter rolls “squeaky clean.” These updates will greatly increase the efficiency of our outreach later in the cycle.

Join us so we can connect with every Maine voter! Sign up for training and phone banking on Sundays or Thursdays.

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