Join Ambassador Power and Us to Get Student Voting Rate Up – Way Up!

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We activists are all wringing our hands about the college vote in 2020.  

What can we do? (particularly given the possibility colleges might not re-open in the fall)   

As it turns out… a lot – and right now.  

On May 20th Ambassador Powers will join us to launch the Ask Your College (to ask every student) campaign.

Ask Your College is a nonpartisan campaign to ask all colleges to strengthen student voter participation in the 2020 election—during Covid-19 and beyond.

A group of fellow activists have been working with a local democracy-oriented, non-profit to devise a way for volunteers – across the country – to take an action from their homes that will get college students registered to vote.  Rather than our going to college campuses (as we have in the past), we will be writing to the presidents of colleges with whom have a connection – to persuade them to institutionally support EACH STUDENT to register to vote.

The Zoom account can accommodate 1,000 participants – and that’s what we’re looking for.  A national wave of concerned alums, parents, faculty and friends – all advocating that the colleges they know and love are doing all they can to ensure ALL their students are voting in 2020.

We have already prepared an Action Kit and you can preview it before the call. Click HERE or Go to:
Take Action
by Tactics
Voter Registration.

Together – we will be the college wave that turns the electoral tide in 2020.

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