Hundreds Attend Event About Voter Suppression – and Pledge to Take Action! Please Write Letter to Editor

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Refusing to give in to the fear being stoked by the Republican voter suppression campaign, more than 350 people attending at the Oct. 6 event “Voter Suppression, Election Theft: What You Can Do!” were inspired to take action to counter these tactics. Faced with declining poll results and a series of close races this fall, Republicans have chosen a strategy that involves removing mailboxes (nationwide), closing polling places in minority neighborhoods (Pennsylvania), and reducing ballot drop-off boxes (Texas) – to name just a few.

Fair Fight

“Voter suppression is THE election tactic of the Trump campaign,” said Liza Conrad of Fair Fight, the organization founded by Stacey Abrams after massive election irregularities in Georgia in 2018. She urged attendees to keep communicating that “your vote matters. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t try to stop it.”

Conrad asked attendees to amplify the need for voters to make a plan and especially, to vote early, whether by mail or in person. The strategy is to ensure that ballots are in the hands of registrars and ready to be counted on Election Day. The more ballots that don’t arrive in the mail by Nov. 3, the more the Republicans can try to question their validity.

Voter Protection Corps

Meanwhile, the Voter Protection Corps, a nonpartisan group, aims to ensure that all eligible voters can register, vote, and have their votes counted. The organization is recruiting volunteers for poll monitoring and voter hotlines. Lawyers, paralegals, law students, and other legal professionals are asked to volunteer with their Election Protection group.  Non-lawyers are asked to sign up with the group’s poll-monitoring program.

Speaker Quentin Palfrey said, “If we do our jobs for the next four weeks, we are poised to take our democracy in a new direction.” Research groups such as the Brennan Center for Justice have showed that voting by mail is extremely successful and fraud-free. But Palfrey noted that many people prefer to vote in person, and emphasized the crying need for poll workers. And he cautioned that election night results may not only be incomplete; the early results may skew toward Trump. This year, Election Day will be more like Election Week, he said. Palfrey asked attendees not only to help set expectations but also to reinforce the need for personal voting plans and to bolster confidence in voting by mail.

Stand Up America

Brett Edkins of Stand Up America echoed the plea and said lawyers will also be needed post-election should Republicans challenge the outcome. Lawyers can sign up at

Protect the Results

Meanwhile, is countering the possibility of a post-election Constitutional crisis, and will have a list of events and digital actions to take, if necessary, to protect the outcome after Election Day.

Together for 2020

The event was hosted by Together for 2020, a volunteer deployment project led by a community  of activists from Indivisible MA Coalition, Progressive Mass., Take Back our Democracy Western Mass., Force Multiplier, and numerous others. The goal is to reclaim the White House, flip the Senate, hold the House, and take back key state legislatures.

To find specific actions you can do to help protect the vote CLICK HERE!

NOTE: To amplify these ideas, we suggest that you summarize in a letter to the editor in your local newspaper. Those letters are often the most viewed section of the local paper.

Here is a Letter-to-the-Editor by our own Robin Lawson and Lynn Kettleson.

Here is a Template to Use for your LTE.

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