Help Swing FL, NC & AZ BLUE! Summit with Rep. Jim McGovern – 9/3 7pm ET

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As you know a handful of states will determine the future of America. We learned in 2016 that every vote counts, and we can’t leave any stone unturned. In 2020, the stones we want to turn are the battleground states where electoral college votes, popular votes, Senatorial and House votes will create the blue wave.

Congressman Jim McGovern  will offer a Washington perspective on why this is the most important election of our lifetimes.  Representatives from several key swing states – Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona – will show how those of us in true-blue Massachusetts can influence the outcome of some exceptionally close races.

The event will provide specific, effective ways to get involved in the 2020 campaign. Together for 2020 encourages collective action so that all of us are working together to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

We’ll offer clear steps how to join a Massachusetts-based team campaigning virtually in a swing state or volunteers can sign up  one of the Worcester County/Central MA Biden banks who will also be running a breakout session.


Please share this with your friends, family, associates who may be interested in joining the cause.   THANK YOU!!!

For more information contact: James Arena-DeRosa

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