All roads to the Senate lead through ME; all roads to ME lead through Massachusetts

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As Katherine Clark, MA-05 congresswoman, likes to say, “All roads to the Senate lead through Maine, and all roads to Maine lead through Massachusetts.” Maine and North Carolina are the most competitive of the four top races we need to take back the Senate and oust the odious Mitch McConnell from Senate leadership.   MA volunteers were critical in helping to flip the 2nd district congressional seat blue in 2018, and our help will be central again to flipping Susan “he learned his lesson” Collins’ seat.

Together, we plan to do that by making as many calls, writing as many letters, registering as many voters and signing up as many Mainers to vote absentee as possible. The strategy, in a nutshell, is to let Mainers know that Susan Collins is no longer a moderate.  One third of Dems in Maine have voted for Susan Collins in the past, and rather than say those votes were wrong, we will say that Collins is no longer a “Maine moderate” in the tradition of Olympia Snowe and William Cohen, but is now a full-fledged member of the GOP, siding with the Trump administration on every important issue – the Kavanaugh vote, impeachment, and the appointment of hundreds of rabidly conservative judges to the federal courts.

Though her ratings have plummeted, Collins is a skilled politician who has helped provide some form of assistance to many Maine families in her 20+ years in office.  Polls indicate the race will be very tight, and we will need every bit of effort to make a Democratic Senate a reality.

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