Reach Out to Your Network with the Vote Joe App


Personal outreach to friends and family is one of the most effective ways to persuade and mobilize voters to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. The Biden campaign is energizing voters with an app called Vote Joe, which makes it easier for supporters to reach out to their own contacts and get them ready to vote — and even volunteer. You can help the Biden/Harris campaign extend their outreach into each of our communities by using this app to take some or all of these actions:

● Text your phone contacts, and report back in the app to tell us who is supporting Joe in November.
● Look up contacts by name/state/address to check their voter registration status and history to get a sense of their voting history. This publicly available information can help you personalize your messages.
● Send friends information via text about registering to vote or requesting their ballot to vote from home.
● Share content from the campaign to your Facebook and Twitter feeds.
● Help get your friends and family set up to start volunteering with the campaign.

Watch the video VoteJoe Training from the Florida Victory group to find out more, or follow the steps below!

Campaign State: National/Multi-State
Action Type: Action of the Week, Relational Organizing
Coordinator: Rina Schneur

Get started!

1. Download and Set Up the App

  1. Download the Vote Joe app in the Apple Apps store or Google Play Store or text app to 30330 to get a download link.
  2. Open the app and select a language (English or Spanish).
  3. Enter your zip code, then your name and phone number.
  4. Create an account by clicking:
    • Continue with Email. Enter your email and create a password, and click Sign Up.
    • or: Continue with Google (Link your Google account.)

5. Please turn on your notifications for the app so the campaign can send you messages when they need your help talking to specific friends.

6. Scroll to the bottom to click the Sync My Contacts button. Read the Data Security Policy and select Continue, and click OK when your phone asks you for permission to access your contacts.

Note: You control your data. When you sync your contacts, the campaign doesn’t receive your contact’s phone numbers or any other contact information. Information you add in response to questions (e.g. Do you support Joe Biden? When do you plan to vote? Will you attend this event?) will be shared with the campaign to help us win in November!

The app will use the phone numbers and names to match people to the existing records in the voter file. For this reason, if your contacts are listed in your phone with different names or phone numbers than the voter file, some of your contacts may not sync even if they are registered voters. Syncing your contacts will temporarily store contact information on the servers of the app for matching purposes, but it will not give the contact information data to the app or the campaign.


2. Text Your Contacts

  1. From the home page of the Vote Joe app, click Message Friends.
  2. Select the contacts to whom you will send the text and click Get Started.
  3. You will see a suggested script for the text in the app. Edit and personalize the message, and click Send.
  4. At the bottom of the app, you can link to your inbox using the message bubble icon. Within each message, you have options to follow up with your contact or to fill out a report.
    1. Click Follow up to select a templated message to your contact. You can always make changes as needed.
    2. Click Fill report to report back about how your conversations are going:
      1. Submit an outreach report about your friend’s level of support for Biden, their interest in absentee voting, and if they want to volunteer.
      2. Click Send to Campaign.

3. Use Voter Lookup

Searching public voting records for your contacts can provide some context for the messages you’re sending and help make these messages more personal. If you know whether a friend is a life-long voter or someone who only occasionally votes, that is information you can keep in mind as you reach out. Note that this is not a perfect tool and may not be up-to-date for every voter.

Reporting back about updated voter preferences based on your own knowledge of contacts can give the Biden campaign a fuller picture of who their supporters are.

  1. From the home screen, select Take Action and choose an interaction: (a) with someone new or (b) with a friend or contact.
  2. You’ll start by searching for your contact’s voter registration. Enter as much information as you know about the contact
  3. Click Search the Voter File to see a list of potential matches.
  4. If you find the correct match, click the voter’s name to see voting history and click Continue to Report. You may need a street address to pick out a person if there are many duplicate names.
  5. Tell the campaign more about your contact’s level of support for Biden, their voting plan, and if they want to volunteer.
  6. Click Send to Campaign.

If you do not find the voter in the voter file, add them as a new contact:

  1. After going to Take Action, click Add Someone New at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter as much information as you have, then click Send to Campaign to send their contact information to the campaign.

4. Share Posts

Sharing posts on social media (preferably with a personalized message to accompany them) is a great way to let friends and family know that voting season is here and who you’re voting for. These posts also serve as reminder for people in your network to check their registration status.

At the bottom of the app, select the Home icon to scroll through suggested actions.

Click share to find options for posting content directly in social media platforms or sharing the links.


5. Connect with Other Volunteers!

On the Vote Joe app, look for the Leaderboard (icon with a trophy), and enter Team Code 398817  to join the Massachusetts for Biden Team.

The Biden campaign has a community of volunteers who communicate via the messaging platform Slack for daily updates and support. To join the Victory 2020 Slack workspace, complete this brief form to be added: Then, find the #VoteJoe channel to connect with other users of the app.


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