Georgia Fund to Local Organizations – by MVP


Movement Voter Project builds long-term infrastructure that will last beyond the next election. We fund organizations and local leaders that are in their communities for the long haul, not one-off campaigns that come and go each cycle. These groups are the most effective messengers for voter registration and mobilization because of the local community building, issue organizing, and advocacy they focus on year-round.

100% of donations go to Georgia organizing partners that can engage in partisan political work. The size and frequency of grants for each group are regularly assessed by MVP’s grant-making team and state advisors based on where additional funding is most needed. Click HERE for details about the supported groups. 

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To discuss other ways to support groups in Georgia, please contact

This fund is administered by Movement Voter PAC, a federal political committee. Donations are not anonymous or tax-deductible, and will be reported to the FEC and state campaign regulators.

Campaign State: Georgia
Action Type: Fundraiser

Sponsor: Eastern MA MVP
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