Georgia: Finishing the Job Together with $20.21


Support Half a Million Texts to Young GA Voters with $20.21

All eyes are on the Georgia runoff. Whoever can turn out their voters will win this crucial election Jan. 5, 2021. In fact, some 70,000 registered voters requested vote-by-mail ballots who did NOT vote in November. That presents a big opportunity for us to encourage these folks to return their ballots this time. And you now have the opportunity help reach these key voters with your donations.

Left of Center and Together for 2020 are filling the gap by mounting an effort to text tens of thousands of young people in non-urban counties. While most attention is focusing on crucial metro areas, we are aiming to motivate these occasional voters who support Democratic programs to cast their ballots.

Our goal is to send half a million texts over the next six weeks. But we need your help now. Your donation of $20.21 buys 404 texts. That’s the going rate for communicating with young voters on the most reliable platform.

Please donate $20.21 or any other amount today to help us keep this texting effort growing and going.

Donate to the Left of Center/Together for 2020 Georgia Runoff Project.

Thank you once again for all that you do.

Campaign State: Georgia
Action Type: Fundraiser
Coordinator: Rina Schneur
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