Donate to Help Register & Mobilize Voters for The Georgia Senate Runoffs!


The New Georgia Project (NGP) has been leading efforts to register, educate and engage voters of color in Georgia in extraordinary numbers during the 2020 election season.

While NGP has a 501c3 fund (tax deductible), they have received sufficient donations to fill up this fund for the time being. Therefore they asked for help in raising funds for their 501c4 fund. That is not tax deductible but allows them to use part of it for election-related work.


In Georgia, election season is not over. Georgia’s runoff election on January 5, 2021 will determine the balance of the United States Senate. That means that Georgia voters have one more chance to make their voices heard at the polls.

With a new voter registration deadline of December 7, 2020 work has already begun to get first-time voters registered and ready to vote by January 5, 2021. NGP aims to register between 30,000-40,000 new voters who will be eligible to vote in the January runoff.

NGP is primarily focused on registering and engaging voters from the New Georgia Majority—young voters, voters of color, and first-time voters in fourteen counties.

Campaign State: Georgia
Action Type: Fundraiser
Coordinator: Dale Smith
Sponsor: Force Multiplier
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