About Together for 2020

Together for 2020 (T2020) is a volunteer deployment project led by a community of activists from Indivisible MA, Progressive Mass, Take Back our Democracy Western Mass, Force Multiplier, Left of Center, Act on Mass and numerous other progressive organizations. T2020 produces a common shared calendar, shared tool kits and other resources. We connect groups and volunteers who want to work together on critical swing races and states. Our goal is simple: provide vital organizing resources for thousands of volunteers to make sure Democrats win BIGLY in November! This year, we need to be all in to succeed in November. Left of Center is proud to support the volunteer leaders kicking it up a notch in pivotal races from Maine to Colorado … because the stakes are too high to stay home.

Take a tour of the T2020 website! Learn where you can find compelling actions and upcoming events. This tour was presented at the together for 2020 launch call with Elizabeth Warren.

Coalition Partners