2020 Victory New Focus: Relational Organizing – The Future of Political organizing

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2020 Victory – the Biden/Harris campaign and state Dems has launched a special effort of training volunteers on everything related to Relational strategy.

Relational Organizing is the most effective tactic to use. It is of course limited in scope but greatly impactful.

They are offering initial training this week and more to come. They are setting up regional coordinators for the program.

They also launched a new App Vote Joe which is part of OutVote . OutVote was originally developed for relational recruitment and campaign but has also been used to text for candidates and GOTV by WhenWeAllVote.

Here are a couple of upcoming events – sign up today!

National Relational Friendbank Kickoff! on 9/10

Vote Joe App Orientation  on 9/10, 9/12, 9/13

More training:

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